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.......And Relax.
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: How Soon Is Now- The Smiths
Topic: My wages arrived


As you are no doubt aware it is Friday or maybe not for some of my foreign readers because of time differences. Honestly what hope is there for world peace if people can't even agree about something as simple as the time? Nevertheless I am the ruler of this blog, so humour me. If it's not Friday where you are just accept that your calender is wrong.
It is the end of my working week, I have no work until Tuesday and this pleases me.

I'm thinking about giving up drinking but don't know if I want to add alcoholism to my long list of failures. I love drinking but I only really got into it because I couldn't get drugs for a bit in my youth. Nowadays I just can't get the drugs I want so am sort of stuck with drink.

Anyway I have some news which will delight and surprise long term readers and provoke a shrug of total disinterest from newcomers. Today I was due to receive my salary.....and good God, can it be true? It arrived on time with no complications. A month without three figure bank charges. I can hardly believe it. And that's not the only financial news! I have received a second donation to the My Debt Hell appeal. It is from the same person as the first, making them not only Godlike in my eyes but a real mysterious benefactor. I feel like Pip in Great Expectations!

Other than that I've nothing much to report, so I shall leave you with a question. One of my kind readers took the unusual step of leaving a comment and expressed surprise that I don't get more comments. I must confess I'm puzzled too. On blogs where the most exciting entry is; 'I thought about cutting the grass today but then I thought it might rain so changed my mind' there are invariably 18 comments after each post, and here I am with a readership issuing me with a stern 'no comment'.
Are you shy? Do you think I'll go away if you ignore me? Some hope I've been talking to myself for thirty years and have no intention of stopping now.


Wooo! Update!

I went for a peek at Sian's blog and took a look at her profile. Would it surprise you to learn that she has nothing listed beside favourite books?

Posted by Clairwil at 10:07 PM BST
Updated: 29/04/05 10:45 PM BST
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Time for Fun! I've got the F and N, All I Need is U!
Mood:  vegas lucky
Now Playing: Black Cherry-Goldfrapp.
Topic: My wages arrived

At long last my wages have been mysteriously found!
No rational explanation has been forthcoming as yet, but I intend to pursue a complaint and may even sue for emotional distress.

More good news. The Scottish Executive have seen sense and given my employer money to employ me for the next three years, so my fears about being tossed on to the dole at the end of the month were unfounded.

Sian is in a very stern mood! People are being mean to her 'great mate' Rob. So stop it now!
Happily she doesn't mention anything about being mean to her. So it's official, keep sneering folks.

Oh the appalling title of this post was purloined from a book of unbelievably crass chat up lines my work colleagues were snickering at earlier today. I may use one of my other favourites later in the week.

Posted by Clairwil at 7:42 PM BST
Updated: 06/04/05 7:55 PM BST
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I'm rich.
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Up All Night- Razorlight
Topic: My wages arrived
Merciful Jesus I have now been paid. Yet more exciting I saw a very harassed, hunted looking Tommy Sheridan on the subway the other night.Jealousy is
indeed a terrible thing.
On a brighter note I have been assigned a refugee to look after. They are looking to go on a photography course. If anyone knows of any freebies, please let me know.

Posted by Clairwil at 12:43 AM GMT
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