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TV on the 41 Bus!
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Happy Birthday- Altered Images
Topic: Restless natives
Reader I lied. I said I'd give you the exclusive details of the horror of my friday night journey home from work yesterday. And I didn't did I? What can I say? I spent most of yesterday trying to find my cheque book so I could cash a cheque at the cheque and pawn and consequently not starve the rest of the month. I had some ridiculous but noble idea about clearing my debts quicker and went a bit mental with the repayments.

Anyway my journey home on friday was to say the least an ordeal. A small crowd of youths (aged 12-14) up the back of the bus spent the entire journey yelping, shouting and, god the horror, rapping utter drivel at each other -loudly. Their cretinous and obnoxious behaviour was not helped by the large quantities of 'Mad Dog', Buckfast and cannabis they were openly consuming. At 5pm on a non-smoking bus. Illegally. It's not that I didn't do any underage drinking or that I disapproved of drugs as a nipper, but I seem to recall making attempts to conceal what I was up to. And I can quite honestly say I have never attempted to rap either in public or in private.

Then they started stealing each others shoes, lobbing them about the bus and trying to sell said shoes to various appalled passengers for a pound.

I was as ever struck by their racism and sectarianism. Does it never occur to these rat faced irritants that they are in fact inferior to most people of any colour or faith? I am always staggered by their totally unjustified feelings of superiority.

And before everyone starts -yes I know they've had a shit deal and would probably be considerably improved by decent housing, schools and lets face it parenting. But as someone who cannot afford a car and has to take public transport I feel entitled to let off a bit of steam. Please note that I let off steam regarding things I am unhappy about by writing or slamming my own doors rather than making the lives of everyone around me a total misery. I had a shit education courtesy of the state which I'm angry about. But guess what? It doesn't cause me to act like a savage on public transport, no instead I do things like vote, write to my MP, moan down the pub after a few pints, that type of stuff.

First Bus have also installed a TV on the 41 bus which I had hoped might have acted as a calming influence on the rowdier commuters. Alas no. The only discernible effect I noted was that it encouraged the cretins to rap, in between trying to sell a jacket,they claimed was worth #385 pounds for #60 to a nasally voiced, borderline retarded she beast. As an added horror the sound of the TV combined with the yelping, whining,dribbling and farting in unison from the back of the bus to make it impossible to concentrate sufficiently to read. Another few bus journeys like that and I'll be as moronic and ill-informed as they are.

I fight the urge to be a snob, I hate looking down on people. It's just near impossible sometimes. All things considered it might be better if First Bus use the money for TV on the bus to hire some burly security guards instead.

Anyway I do have some quite good news for you. I have adopted four celebrities.You can visit them by clicking here.

Posted by Clairwil at 3:05 PM GMT
Updated: 13/03/05 8:44 PM GMT
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