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Ayurvedic Beauty

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Beauty through Ayurveda

Written by: Kaviraj Partap Chauhan
Jiva Ayurveda

Beauty through Ayurveda
By Dr Partap Chauhan

These days beauty is big business. There are literally thousands of cosmetic products on the market all promising restored youth and vitality.People are spending more and more money and taking increasingly drastic methods to artificially preserve youth and beauty.

As a consequence of continuing pressure to reach this ideal portrayed in the media many people are turning to radical, invasive and often dangerous surgical techniques. This has developed to the extent that people are injecting poisons directly into their faces inducing minor facial paralysis thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles. Even so called routine cosmetic procedures, such as breast implants and face lifts can go severely wrong, leaving physical and emotional scars and an even greater lack of self-esteem.

Beauty must be seen as an expression of the overall health of the body and mind of the individual, as opposed to modifying the external in the hope of creating inner health and happiness.

Ayurveda has always understood beauty to be the product of general physical health and appropriate daily care rather than just a cosmetic facade. Knowledge of caring for oneself, along with the development of good food and living habits will bring out the best in us. Good health will provide us with truly good looks. Even as we grow older, with appropriate care, we will mature with a strength and vitality, which will bring out a new depth to our outer beauty.

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