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Asanas for Health - Yoga

Written by: Kaviraj Partap Chauhan
Jiva Ayurveda
Asanas for Health
By Dr Partap Chauhan

Asana means a state of being in which one can remain physically and mentally steady, calm, quiet and comfortable. The specific body positions open up the energy channels and release blockages in the flow of prana or life force. Stiffness is caused by blocked prana and a subsequent accumulation of toxins. When prana is able to flow, toxins are removed and the body becomes supple. Regular practice of asanas balances the nervous and endocrine system, which directly influences the other systems and organs of the body helping to improve the strength and proper function of the immune system.

The practice of asana also integrates and harmonizes the mind and body. Releasing tensions on both mental and physical levels. The release of this dormant energy brings the body back to full vitality and strength, with renewed joy, confidence and creativity.

Including exercise into your daily routine will be very beneficial for you. If you have not been exercising regularly, this needs to be introduced very gently. To reduce Vata we need asanas that are calming and grounding. There should be no straining or shortness of breath. Slow, gentle stretching in sitting and lying position is best with an emphasis on mindfulness and deep breathing.

Most important is the deep relaxation at the end. Remember that to balance Vata, routine is necessary. Try to be consistent in your practice. Establish how much time you can devote to exercise and try to stick to it as much as possible. It is far more beneficial to exercise for 20 minutes daily than for an hour and a half once or twice a week. But be patient, take it gently and introduce more asanas as you progress and as your schedule allows. To know more on asanas, visit




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