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Herbal Remedies

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Herbal Help For Your Child
By Dr Partap Chauhan

Certain easy home remedies administered to children during common childhood illnesses can help alleviate their condition. To infants below two years of age, only a pinch of herbs is to be given. This dosage may be slightly increased in case of children above two. The following are some easily available herbal remedies:

Excess Mucus
Leaves of holy basil (tulsi), sage or mint brewed as herbal tea is very effective. Decoctions of black pepper, and fresh ginger, sweetened with honey can also be used.

Teenage Hypertension & Stress
Decoctions of fresh gotu kola (brahmi) or lavender help calm conditions of hypertension and stress in teenagers and children. Taking gotu kola (brahmi) in powdered form also helps. Another herbal recipe for stress and strain involves soaking two or three almonds overnight in water, peeling and mixing them with half a teaspoon each of anise and rose petals. Grind all ingredients into a paste and mix with milk.

Weak Memory & Intelligence
Gotu kola (brahmi), asparagus (shatavari) and saffron are effective in enhancing brainpower and intelligence among the young.

Lack of Energy
The traditional Ayurvedic tonic of chaywanprash is an excellent tonic for children of all age groups. Not only does chaywanprash strengthen your child's system, it also provides immunity, energy and vitality. It is easily available at any Asian or Indian store.

Colic, Gas & Distension
Powdered cardamom, cumin or sesame seeds help in curing stomach conditions such as colic, gas and distension.

Brittle Teeth, Bones & Hair
Marshmallow and Solomon's seal are excellent for strengthening teeth, bones and hair.

Ayurveda also prescribes some specific Ayurvedic tonics for the well being of children that aid the process of growth and development and provide supplementary nutrition. They enhance the child's intelligence and are useful in improving the learning of new skills such as walking, recognizing objects and speech.

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