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My Debt Hell

Becoming a Mysterious Benefactor

Help me raise 11,000

Give me a fresh start-Help me clear my debts.

Shop- Help me earn a way out

Why Become a Mysterious Benefactor?

Because I'll only end up hassling you for 10p outside the bus station if you don't. In addition being able to describe yourself as a mysterious benefactor will give an aura of glamour and power.

Benefits of Joining

Donate and you will receive at no extra cost the warm glow that comes from having helped someone out. I'm also happy to publish articles by aspiring writers or add links to any (clean and decent please!) websites you wish to promote. And if that isn't enough you can add philanthropist to your C.V and receive a glowing reference from me to boot.

How Can You Join?

Just make a donation an send me an e-mail stating whether or not you'd like your name published on this site as a public display of gratitude.

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